Title:Separation of management from operation to help break through the reform of public hospitals
Date: 2014-07-29Views: 1415
Beijing HA Daily News (Reporter Lizi Jun) is called "medical SASAC" brewing in the multi-year later, finally formally established today, the Municipal Health Bureau, the Secretary to the British served. Reporter held in Beijing yesterday from health reform health systems meeting was informed analysis of the situation, the future health bureau as HA "secondary office", will belong 22 major hospitals in Beijing unified and standardized management of human, financial and operational, to achieve Management Office in the true sense of separation.
"Hospitals are athletes, will assume the role of HA future coach, guiding the various municipal hospitals, health authorities is the referee, from the decision-making role." Beijing Vice Mayor Ding Xiangyang analysis meeting held yesterday, said .
In fact, relative to the city HA "do", the Municipal Health Bureau is more emphasis on "pipe." According to localization, industry-wide management requirements, Health Department will focus on macroeconomic management, trade management functions, social management and public health services, quality of medical care and medication fulfill security industry regulatory functions, improve personnel, organization, technology, equipment entry and exit mechanisms.
"As long as health authorities can let go, let HA hospital management, hospital 'management from' and 'government affairs' ultimate goal can be achieved directly in terms of access and other health governance." Has been involved in health care reform policy Peking University Law School Professor Sun Dongdong said that people have been complaining about medical treatment is difficult and expensive, but if not the majority of public hospitals, the people see a doctor will be more difficult.
Sun Dongdong that "the future is not in need of reform of public hospitals themselves, but for management reform of public hospitals, the Hospital Authority was established in Beijing, it is in the current health care reform into deep water when boosting the reform of public hospitals the pace. "
It is reported that HA on staff, will include original health administrative department personnel, key medical institutions, and social recruiting personnel. Future, Beijing's public hospitals will gradually implement legal system, then secretary and president of the hospital can be competitive selection, will be the legal representative of the President, the equivalent of CEO, general manager. In other words, the President will have on hospital property fully deploy the right people to accept HA target management and assessment.
Within hospitals will also implement full employment, contract management, professional and technical personnel to implement Employment for separate titles; hospital staff to implement pay for performance. Since then, the hospitals will also promote medical, rehabilitation, hospital care to separate classification management.
Authority will be established by the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau management, "two bureau." After the Authority was set up, it will launch a new system of hospital management assessment criteria, which includes service effectiveness, service path, manage security, patient satisfaction.
In the health care reform situation analysis meeting, said Ding Xiangyang, Beijing medical reform is currently the main goal is to solve three problems, namely the poor coverage, the community can not see the problem of disease and disease of the large hospitals despise, and the first two issues have been basically resolved. Therefore, Beijing will soon launch a series of measures to address the problem of large hospitals despise disease, such as the appointment register 114 platform will be officially opened today, more than 40 hospitals and 114 Beijing Unicom signed. "In the future, whether two or three hospitals Hospital, Beijing will be only 114 registered a number of patients with zero booking service charges, reservation of at least three months." Ding Xiangyang said.
It is understood that the second half of this year, the medical industry has been long-awaited Beijing Beijing to encourage private investment in hospitals guidance will also be introduced. Some private hospitals charge to participate in the development of advice to reporters, giving this advice very lucrative incentives of private hospitals, reducing the barriers to entry, and in staff development and construction of facilities on private hospitals and public hospitals, the same can be equal treatment.
Currently, Beijing medical institutions in clinic 146 million people, including three hospital clinic 50 million people, including 25 million foreign patients with incurable diseases. Per capita consumption of 10,000 inpatients -2 million outpatients per capita consumption of 400 yuan, a large public hospital outpatient bear the daily task of establishment of the HA, will push forward the process of reform of public hospitals.
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