Title:Hong Kong registered company conducive to resolving the foreign trade activities
Date: 2014-07-29Views: 1351
It is understood that the company registered in Hong Kong than in mainland Bai Homestead Company with respect to foreign trade activities of great help, to solve more problems.
Hong Kong registered company responsible to our example: For example, your client is a U.S. client A, you've been through foreign trade companies B export goods. Now the action is: the use of your registered overseas company (assuming a Hong Kong company) to start purchases of domestic companies, namely domestic companies by foreign trade companies to export goods B first Hong Kong company of your own, and then sold by that company in Hong Kong U.S. customers A. Here the Hong Kong company plays the role of re-exports, domestic goods can still be sent directly to the United States. U.S. companies under contract to the prepaid payment to your company's account in Hong Kong (the account can be opened in the country, called offshore accounts), and the Hong Kong company then the costs and other expenses paid to foreign companies B (allow foreign companies to do subsequent write-off tax rebate thing). So that your profits have been retained in the offshore accounts, the sum of profits will not be foreign exchange, foreign exchange, you can use the random dominate; such profit does not need to pay any tax, because Hong Kong is not levied on overseas profits tax. When you need to use the money can be drawn directly into the company's account in your country or your personal foreign currency accounts. The benefits of this operation there, foreign trade companies B is also out of the reach of your U.S. customers. Yes, you are
Normal trade patterns, but you will encounter the following problems.
First, what in the name you entered into with foreign
Second, collection accounts
Third, how to pull a single flood control facility
Fourth, if you make sure to maximize profits
So I suggest you a Hong Kong registered company, the initial business funding may be some restrictions to go, after all, requires certain domestic companies registered capital and capital requirements verification, came to spend time and money, so you can register a foreign company, foreign company can have a name contact your customers and suppliers, and the company account allows you to freely receive payment, without verification, whether domestic or foreign shareholders in the company the flexibility to operate the account through online banking, very convenient.
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