Samoa examined the Annual Report

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I. Introduction Samoa 
Samoa is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, about 2,700 miles from Sydney, Australia, it is close to the international meridian, located at the end of the time zone, the climate is tropical rainforest climate. Samoa is a combination of the two main islands of Upolu and Savai'i and seven small islands made about the middle of the islands of Hawaii and New Zealand are located. Apia is the capital, the country's population of about 170,000. Samoa than GMT (GMT) slow eleven hours, therefore very conveniently located both in Asia and the Americas merchants. 

Second, Samoa advantage 

Samoa is the political, economic and trade environment is very stable country; sound financial and legal facilities for a variety of financial institutions, development of insurance agencies or foundations laid a good foundation; government to provide privacy protection for all companies, shareholders , director or beneficiary identity be kept confidential; Samoan Government no any exchange control regulations also allow Chinese people registered in Samoa Chinese (or other languages) Company name printed Chinese constitution. Therefore, more and more Chinese businessmen holding different purposes, in Samoa founded his own company, to build an international framework to explore the international market, enhance their competitiveness and create greater profit margins. 
Third, Samoa management 
Samoa Samoa, there is no need to pay local government taxes in the local operations, but would like the local government must annually renew their licensing procedures, renewal time is before 30 November each year, must be handled, 
1, a company incorporated prior to January 1, 2005, to be on November 1, 2006 to submit the license renewal; 
2, before the company was incorporated on December 1, 2005, is required to November 1, 2006 to submit the license renewal;
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