Swiss Bank Account Opening

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Swiss Bank Account Opening is one of xincheng's corporate bank account opening services. Swiss bank account opening is the process of opening a company account or a personal account in any bank in Switzerland according to the Swiss bank management agencies' guidance. Swiss bank accept the native companies and individuals, in addition, also accept the most overseas companies and individuals, including Hong Kong companies and China's individuals to open bank accounts.


Chinese company and individual can open a Swiss account. An individual Swiss bank account requires: personal identification, the original copy of passport, personal resume (English version), filling in the form of opening a Swiss bank account, more than USD 5,000 deposits in the Swiss bank.


Swiss Bank Account Opening-Advantages
1. Switzerland and Liechtenstein are the world-famous and confidential financial stability offshore center, there are a variety of financial products;
2. The accounts are confidential; The government's legislation guarantee the bank accounts' privacy and security
3. Achieve a variety of capital operation; the e-bank is convenient; provide many favorable and quick bank services; it’s Convenient for personal or offshore company to open an offshore account; open the Swiss individual account and company offshore account; dispense with visiting to Switzerland by yourself, Switzerland is a global famous and confidential financial stability offshore center.
4. There is no limit on the number of amount of import and export just after a responsible investigation.
5. Individuals and companies can open the offshore accounts, the applicant can open an individual and company offshore accounts dispense with visiting to Switzerland by themselves.
6. it's convenient to open an account (if files completed, it takes about 2-3 working days to  open an individual and corporate accounts). It has a higher operating flexibility.
7. There is no limit on the number of amount of import and export just after a responsible investigation


Swiss Bank Account Opening-Basic Requirements
1. If the directors need to handle account, be required to attend;
2. If the shareholders need to handle account be required to attend;
3. The author, authorized by the directors or shareholders to operate the Swiss bank accounts, is required to attend to deal with all relevant formalities and sign the documents when opening an company account.
4. The company licenses, the articles of association, company registration documents, business plan, résumé of the shareholders and directors(English version),the original copy of passport, Seal (or the trust contract, if necessary)
5. If there is a change in the shareholders or the name changes, an increase in the registered capital of the company, the documents must be submitted to Swiss bank;  the Hong Kong companies established more than a year must submit Hong Kong company annual report documents to the Swiss bank.


Swiss Bank Account Opening-Processing Steps
1. Visit Switzerland by yourself and open an account directly in the local bank;
2. The Swiss banks sends the commissioner to Asia designed places to help the applicant dealing with the formalities of opening an account;
3. The institutions authorized by the Swiss Banks open an account directly; the authored institutions must add the certified signature.
In generally, the Swiss bank accounts has no nationality limitation, the procedure is the same whether you are Chinese citizens or other countries' citizens. If you are from Korea, America or some war-stricken countries, such as Iran, the account is not open. In the financial, gold and foreign exchange industry don't open the bank account.


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