BVI company examined the annual report

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I. Introduction to British Virgin Islands 
British Virgin Islands (BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS), also known as the British Virgin Islands, located in the Caribbean Sea, about eighty kilometers from the eastern part of Puerto Rico. The British Virgin Islands is a British Dependent Territory, in 1967 obtained autonomy is one of the members of the Commonwealth. British Virgin Islands since the 1984 introduction of the International Business Companies Act, the rapid rise of the local offshore financial services sector, already the world's most popular offshore locations to register. Over the past decade, the company was founded more than sixty local registered more than three million. 

Second, the advantages of the British Virgin Islands 
British Virgin Islands British judicial system is in use. The island's political, economic and trade environment is very stable; has good financial and legal facilities for the establishment of various financial institutions or foundations, government protection of the interests of the shareholders, the Government provides privacy protection for all enterprises, directors information is absolutely confidential, no announcement to benefit identity; local government in order to encourage economic development, attract foreign investment, particularly lax registration of the Companies Ordinance, a person can also register Co.; island International Ltd. suffered very little tax regulation, low tax rates. Without the auditor's report, just keep the data can reflect the company's business conditions; island businesses around the world can open a bank account. 
Third, the company continued licensing requirements 
British Virgin Islands company in the British Virgin offshore company is not required to pay taxes to the local government, but would like the local government must annually renew their licensing procedures, renewal time each year is divided into two phases, with reference to the specific time required by the Government. 
1 June each year, such as: Registered January -06 February after the company is required to annually submit June 1 to renew the license; 
2, each year in December, such as: registration July -12 month the company is required to annually after December 1 to submit the license renewal.
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