Registered address common problems

Author: 新誉  Date: 2014-07-30 Views: 1386 Comments: 0
Q: Do I need to have a registered office address in Hong Kong or the company? 
A: Not necessarily need to have their own office, but need a registered address in Hong Kong. HSBC Hong Kong provides the company registered address service, customers do not need to spend additional funds to rent office space. 
Q: Is the company registered address must be in Hong Kong? 
A: Yes. All companies registered in Hong Kong, Hong Kong must have a registered address. Because the letters were sent to the address of the government. 
Q: If there is no registered address in Hong Kong, how to do? 
A: You can use the registered office of the Company in Hong Kong HSBC to provide services. 
Q: Can I change the registered address? 
A: The Company may at any time change the registered address.
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