Notes the establishment of the Hong Kong Branch

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Asian tigers, one of the southeastern tip of China, Hong Kong is located in an excellent location in the heart of the rapidly growing East Asian region. Has a unique natural and economic conditions and convenient transportation platform, Hong Kong is a highly developed international metropolis of information, is the world's most liberal trade treaty ports, coupled with their excellent infrastructure and a sound legal system, to the enterprise and traders to provide a unique business environment. Therefore, more and more businessmen choose to create their own company in Hong Kong, to build an international framework for the creation of international brands. This will not only improve the company's image, to explore the international market, but also enhance their competitiveness and create greater profit margins. In order to make more efficient the mainland entrepreneurs understand how to register Hong Kong company, the new Fiat streamlined to make the following explanation. 
1. Branch registration conditions: must have a head office in Hong Kong, while the head office of the need to provide business registration certificate and determine the scope of the head office and branch offices. 
2. Branch Name: Branch name very free, such as Group Holdings, magazines, associations, college, company, Association and other words ending its flexibility name is far greater than Limited and unlimited companies, but Chinese can not end with "Limited" in English can not be "LIMITED" at the end. 
3 nature: the nature of non-independence of the branches of an unlimited company, the ownership of subsidiaries attributable to the Corporation. 
4 Operating range: operating range shall be consistent with the head office branch or similar. 
5. Registration Process: sign a power of attorney - "pay money -" sign a document - "submitted to the Government handle -" 3-5 business days to complete; 
6. Services: Revenue Business Registration Certificate; company symbol, atomic seal, signature stamp each one; 
7. Fees and Payment: Registration fee for the branch RMB1980, before one-time payment of the bid; 
8, the Business Secretary: Dada has the advantage of the business registration is complete, begin to serve you what Dada, Dada provide cross-industry, one-stop business support services, and strive to solve your problems on your business. Please refer to the instructions Dada supporting enterprise business. 
9. Examined: annual time consistent with the head offices, business registration certificate needs to be updated annually, the annual cost of about RMB1980, the annual fee has examined changes specific to the then government documents. 
10. Tax: The tax included in the head office branch. Hong Kong is no sales tax, the tax is paid by the company net profit (Limited 17.5%; 16% unlimited company). 
11, invoices and Seal: Hong Kong's invoice is not printed by the Inland Revenue Department, is issued by the Board of Directors in accordance with the nature of the business printing company; invoice receipts and other documents to be stamped with the seal, signed by the person responsible for the rear effective; seal according to actual needs. 
12, New Asia's promise: through the new Azor receive a certificate, document, we ensure their authenticity, the Chinese and Hong Kong and the United States professional lawyers checks. If false, the new sub-liable and double compensation. 
13, select New Asia choose success: Professional - a world-class elite professional team is a certified public accountant from around the world, financial planners, tax accountants, appraisers, engineers, auditors, trademark, lawyers, lecturers, professors, project investment experts and composed of senior industry consultant. 
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