Hong Kong Annual Return

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Hong Kong Annual Return is one of the HK follow-up services provided by xincheng. Hong Kong Annual Return means any limited liability companies in Hong Kong should file annual returns to the department of the Hong Kong Company Registry and the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department once every calendar year( except in the year of its corporation) within 42 days after the anniversary of its date of incorporation. For other companies, the annual return should be filed within 42 days after the date of the annual general meeting (AGM) or within 42 days after the date of the written resolution passed in lieu of the AGM together with the original or certified copy of audited accounts.


Hong Kong Annual Return-Filing of Annual Return for Hong Kong Company
Once after incorporation, a Hong Kong incorporated Limited company is required by the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and Inland Revenue Ordinance to update its books of accounts, prepare financial statements and arrange audit of its annual financial statements and file certain returns with both the Hong Kong Companies Registry (company registration authority) and Inland Revenue Department (tax authority).   


Hong Kong Annual Return-Processing Time
A registered non-Hong Kong company must deliver an annual return to the Registrar of Companies for registration within 42 days after each anniversary of the date of registration of the company under the Companies Ordinance (the prescribed time period). If you are not sure when your annual return is due for delivery, you may use the Annual Return Filing Calculator to calculate the due date.


Hong Kong Annual Return-Documents needed
1. Original Copy of Signed Annual Return Filing Forms;
2. Copy of Hong Kong Certificate of Incorporation;
3. Copy of Hong Kong Company Business Certificate;
4. Copy of Hong Kong Company M & A;
5. Company Incorporation Papers; (D1, D3, R1 Forms )
6. Copy of Identification Card of All Directors and Shareholders


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