Founded compare the pros and cons of offshore companies and precautions

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Founded compare the pros and cons of offshore companies and precautions 
        With the world economic development, more and more investors will look to proceed with Hong Kong and other overseas companies registered above, but, everything has two sides, registered offshore companies are no exception, is to compare it one of the most prominent points, decisions for your reference. 
The establishment of an offshore company's strengths 
1 The development of cross-border business, enhance the corporate image 
Increasingly integrated world economy, business trends show increasing cross-border, transnational business enterprises are also often used to enhance their strength, expanding business area. The offshore company is incorporated enterprises to the world, to carry out cross-border operations, enhance the international image of the shortcut. Establishment of multinational companies and corporations, not only to better enhance the image and bring better value for money. And at the time of signing some contracts, project negotiations often require cooperation and participation of overseas companies, to enhance the credibility of your business and successfully reach the objective of the negotiations is an indispensable factor. The original local companies in the domestic development restrictions were imposed to registered overseas, you can easily recapitalization and separation, such as the wheat from the chaff, good or bad separation, improve credit, but also facilitate the listing curve, such as Anglo-American mutual recognition between the countries listed qualifications, such as your big company registered in Bermuda, it facilitates the entry into Hong Kong stock market. 
2. Facilitate international trade, avoid tariff barriers 
An enterprise exports to the United States, need to apply for quotas and a series of related procedures, which require intermediate spend one to two times more than the cost. And if the company has an offshore company, offshore companies by the company to export products to the United States re-exports from the offshore company, you can get tax-exempt status to circumvent tariff barriers and successfully bypass the export quota limit. With their countries of origin in bilateral tax agreement does not state or jurisdiction non double tax treaty registered company, then avoid the high tax country of origin, and there is no or very low registration taxes, as many such places there is no corporation tax, no VAT (turnover tax). For individuals, foreign investors, both in the bilateral tax agreement Contracting States or in personal income for as long as non-parties to provide a "foreign resident who" status, or whether some inside and outside the country who have no income tax. Operation among countries, the use of special tax regimes country of origin, even if the company is still registered in the country of origin, but the actual operation has achieved in foreign countries and regions, it is possible to obtain both sides do not pay taxes. The key then is where your country of origin. Has the advantage over countries and regions, most of the Western bloc countries, Europe and the United States or Europe and the United States is a big country system, long-term political stability, political neutrality as Xanadu, some countries and regions have never experienced a world war or wars, large and small; judicial system and socio-cultural, economic, and financial services system combines modern tradition, Europe's major powers banks, insurance companies and other special waiting there for you. 
3. Avoid foreign exchange management, easy to attract investment, to strengthen the capacity of overseas financing 
All week, due to the foreign exchange system, overseas listing system is very strict, but also there are many man-made factors, which directly affects the international financing of enterprises. Instead of waiting for protracted eligibility review and approval, as an offshore company registered in the name of the company's overseas financing and listing, achieve a multiplier effect. Due to the transfer of funds offshore company without any restrictions on the use of funds the company is also very convenient. By overseas companies, can apply directly at a local business or project related loans; or overseas listed directly or indirectly, to achieve the purpose of corporate finance; overseas parent or domestic financing, foreign companies will play an invaluable role. 
4. Registration process convenient, open, low cost 
Offshore company registration process is very simple, professional registration can be completed on behalf of the agency, I personally do not require registration of registration, and the registered capital shall not hit foreign companies, not subject to annual verification. These are countries such as China are far more than the mainland. In some countries, it can only registered, you can idle, you can not have a physical office, whichever form for those who want the benefits, but also can reduce the expense of people better. This company spent idling generally only report to the authorities about the fee each year. 
5. Legitimate tax avoidance, reduce the financial, tax burden 
There offshore jurisdictions have varying degrees provides offshore company revenues and profits achieved exempt from local taxes or very low rate (eg 1%) to pay. Some even exempt from inheritance tax. Proper arrangements for overseas companies can use tax, reasonable and legitimate tax avoidance. All overseas companies have reduced or duty-free policy, the annual saving you considerable tax burden. If the registered companies where there is a bilateral tax agreement signed double tax treaty between the country and the country of origin of their original company, the opportunity to make a profit outside of delay or reduce the prepaid taxes. 
6 simple management 
Offshore companies do not hold an annual shareholders' meeting and the board of directors, even if held, and the place can be arbitrarily chosen, simple management program, you can move forward with ease, put all our energy into company management. Company Registration highly confidential information and documents in some countries overseas registered companies do not necessarily have to be a citizen of this country, foreigners can also go to a registered company. In order to attract foreign companies to register, many provisions Ocean island nation, the company's share capital registered in the local constitution, list of directors or the company business case can be kept confidential, which makes the company's position was highly confidential, with investors if the company appears during operation legal disputes can often evade some responsibility. Offshore company shareholders identity register of directors, the equity ratio, income status and other information highly confidential and protected by law, the public can not access that only legally obtained offshore companies to import regulatory qualified trust management companies can access the company's background data, while foreign laws prohibit any trust management companies disclose relevant material. 
7 No limit the scope of business and regional scope 
In addition to limiting individual industries, such as banking, insurance, military, almost no limit offshore company's business scope. In addition to the registration area, the company can conduct business and operate in any country of the world. For investors, shareholders, no director restrictions on shareholders and directors of nationality, age, assets etc. There is no limit, most of "offshore" legal district can accept the post of director of a company. Enterprises to expand overseas, the investment will reverse its development with the international market, or participate in international competition and to seek further development of enterprises; China's accession to WTO, has become personal and business to create the conditions in overseas development. Establishment of overseas companies can invest in the mainland, became foreign companies or joint ventures, and enjoy the advantages of operating on the treatment of foreign investment and sales and so on. Enter the name of the company to overseas markets like China, as well as special features to protect their own interests, and invest in shares of foreign companies registered in China, the entry and exit, conversion and other aspects of a more lenient treatment, which for the need for 利后安 full exit curve defensive operations people are meaningful. For more political instability or the rule of man, especially the country's legal system requires so. 
8 with international brands, improve enterprise efficiency 
According to the company product characteristics, choose the overseas company registration, such as: high-tech industry, instruments, equipment, health food, cosmetics, clothing and other well-known manufacturers are mostly U.S. companies, if, after the establishment of a company in the United States, in the name of the U.S. company's authorized to the mainland / Hong Kong / Southeast Asia production. Not only improve the image of the product, while increasing sales value. 
9 and letters of credit to facilitate the settlement of foreign exchange 
Not only can open overseas account, you can also open an offshore account in foreign banks abroad: savings accounts, checking households, credit households, households, telephone banking settlement, foreign exchange, cash and other freedoms. 
10. Immigration and visa facilitation 
As a shareholder of overseas companies (equity, property and assets) to provide you with proof of the law. Overseas company's legal representative, you can easily and from international countries, because these are generally registered overseas common law countries are Ashkenazi, holding their visa to power business travel logical.
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