Offshore accounts are now taking the issue

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Offshore accounts are now taking the issue 
1. Withdrawals 

This is a lot more concerned about SOHO, mainly in order to be able to put money back in your account, on the overseas account is always some do not trust, but in fact, it is not for offshore accounts to cash in, but the transfer, T / T, L / C and other actions are to be completed, so, if we are to get back to cash in their accounts to be used, it is recommended by the transfer method to achieve, do not worry about a day to take now amount of the issue, and secondly, the profits can also be placed on your account to use. Of course, the transfer of foreign currency to the personal account. 

2. Settlement 

Settlement for the company maybe not a big problem, may play money back ah domestic companies or foreign companies entrust other settlement, ah, etc., are all methods can be used, but for SOHO, the adoption of domestic own the company is not reality, but also because of foreign exchange through foreign trade companies trust issues, the timing of intermediate transfers, etc. do not want large sums of money through the settlement of foreign trade companies, then this is the case, it seems that only through this $ 50,000 settlement one way to go, after all, this is the introduction of the new national policy today, but SOHO want money settlement is usually for two reasons, one is for personal use, two domestic factories to pay the purchase price, so now analysis of these two cases separately: 

1) for personal use: for individuals, it is usually recommended to friends and relatives to open a few foreign currency account name, and then $ 50,000 settlement, in general, is still OK for personal expenses. 

2) for the payment of money: for the money, then the amount is usually relatively large, then by $ 50,000 settlement is clearly unrealistic, so now, a lot of my friends are in the following ways to deal with: 

a. paid directly to the loan account from offshore factories, of course, is in foreign currency, in general, is relatively strong currency, for example, is Hong Kong dollars, euros, etc., then the settlement of the problem is solved by the factory. 

b. If you do not want to pay some factories are business accounts, then you can pay to individual foreign currency accounts factory boss. 

c. in Hong Kong to open an account and then be resolved by Hong Kong local finance companies, finance companies in the country is illegal, but it is legal in Hong Kong. (Finance companies will charge a fee) 

d. established offices in the country, with office expenses settlement, there is no limit settlement of $ 50,000. (This applies to want to set up liaison offices in the domestic customers SOHO, but operating costs will be higher)
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