What changes, including the Hong Kong Companies

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What changes, including the Hong Kong Companies 
Hong Kong's change of shareholders, directors, name, address, secretary 
Hong Kong's shareholders, directors, company name, address and other changes, the need to apply the appropriate changes to procedures. 
Hong Kong companies to change the contents include: 
Shareholder Change of Directors 
Company Name Change 
Registered capital 
Registered Address Change 
Change legal secretary 
ID Number Change 
1, Hong Kong shares changed 

In Hong Kong, any shareholder of any company, just below the two sides agreed that the shares can be transferred or share trading, the shares will have a stamp duty. 

2, the Hong Kong company name change 
After incorporation, if they feel the company name does not sound good or bad luck, may apply to the Registrar of Companies proposed renaming application. Generally be completed two weeks. 

3, Director of Hong Kong Company Secretary Change 
Company directors / secretary appointed / dismissed Ltd. is a commercial activity often happens. Limited as operator, may at any time change to the Registry. 

4, replacing the financial year end date 
If you think that the current annual balance sheet date do not meet the requirements of the company, you can change the year end date as 2001/12/31 2001/9/22 move. 

5, the Hong Kong company changes its registered address 
Must have a registered address overseas companies registered in Hong Kong, we provide you with the address of the registered address can be used for general purposes, but also for working address only. Address change can be made at any time. For a change of address, you must notify us in advance. 

6, the transfer of Hong Kong companies 
Company transferred refers to a company already completed by gift or sale to third parties. Company transferred all can be part of the transfer or sale. Companies can replace the shareholder or the transfer of shares to complete the transfer. 

7, the Hong Kong company to suspend 
After Hong Kong registered company, if they feel temporarily useless, you can apply to the government to suspend. Pause formalities once a year. After the company applied for a suspension, do not have to make annual accounts, audit, tax, but still must be examined annually.
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