Commissioned by the Hong Kong share transfer agreement

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Commissioned by the Hong Kong share transfer agreement 
Party (Principal): 
Party B (the trustees): Bai Homestead International Business (Hong Kong) Ltd. 
Mutual agreement by both parties, Party B commissioned on behalf of the Hong Kong director and conversion changes agreed as follows: 
Shares of a transfer of 10,000 Hong Kong companies 
Hong Kong Chinese Name: 
English name: 
* Note: for the content of Party signed an entrustment agreement shall prevail, handle change requests received during the relevant information, as well as other issues abandon handle other expenses caused by the party responsible for 
Second, the Party for the Party Agent details are as follows: 
1) confirmation of the information provided with the Party truthful and correct; 
2) the development of the legal document conversion Party by the Hong Kong government specifications and ensure files legally valid; 
3) Party B will pay Party A document and inform the relevant circumstances of the document, signed by the shareholders on the conversion of old and new documents confirm the Party; 
4) Party Party approved file signature is correct, on the second working day of submission of the Hong Kong Government; 
5) Party B will pay and file five working days after the government seal, and print a company prospectus. 
Third, handling fees and payment methods: 
Total fees (RMB) yuan (including the cost of the Hong Kong government departments are required to pay); 
Payment: deposit million yuan balance due paid before receipt of the documents 
Fourth, breach of contract: 
1) Party undertaking the conversion file submitted by the Hong Kong Government as not a sign, then B proceeds received unconditional refund. (Commissioned after the formal signing of the Agreement and shall sign and file conversion arrival, generally 3-5 working days to complete, a public holiday in Hong Kong and mainland China postponed). If handled the end of the seven working days to complete the party entitled to abandon party responsible for handling fees. 
2) If more than 15 days is not party to pay the balance to the Party, or Party unilaterally drop out or change the terms of the handle, then B does not have the right to form processing (such as transfers, etc.), the proceeds received will not be returned by the this caused the responsibility borne by the Party. 
3) Party can not be made on the Hong Kong government violations, B is not responsible for liability relating borne by the Party 
4) Party B directors and the conversion process the change in the business operation of the process, the company as a result of adverse consequences of false information by the party responsible. 
Fifth, the agreement in duplicate, each party holds one. This Agreement shall become effective from the date signed by both parties, both parties to resolve outstanding issues. 
Party B Homestead Bai International Business (Hong Kong) Ltd. 
Signature Date: The date the signing date: date
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