Shell company features?

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Q: shell company features? 
Shell company (shelf company), also known as a shelf company (readymade company). Shell companies typically have the following characteristics: 
1. Never appoint directors 
2. Ready seals, stock books and other documents required by law, 
3. Never started operations, 
Therefore, buyers only need to provide the required documents, they can immediately use, and do not need to worry about hidden risks. 
Q: buying a shell company at risk? 
A: The use of shell companies in most countries, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Cayman Islands and other places, are extremely common, and in the vast majority of cases there will be no risk. Typically, a shelf company before the sale is not appoint any director, so the company will not have the authority to conduct business, so there is no potential risk. 
Moreover, customers buy a shell company, consulting services will issue guarantees to prove that the company's name in front of the share transfer is completely active, counseling services are also guaranteed for all things before the date for transfer of responsibility. Therefore, customers need not worry about any potential liability. 
Q: Will there be a shell company to hide debt and commercial disputes? 
Answer: no. The company sold all of shell companies, we will be provided by the existing shareholders issued a letter to prove that the company has never commenced operations, did not buy any assets, no debt, and promised to bear all the company's debt before the sale date. 
Q: If I purchase a shell company, when you can start using? 
A: When you receive our confirmation letter, you can use the company, and we usually will receive a working document and we are asking for payment after the confirmation notice. While the company may not have sent some documents, but you can also name the company to sign a contract and do business. 
Q: After the purchase, I can get what documents and objects? 
A: Whether it is ready or a new company, you can get a complete set of the "Corporate Information", which includes: 
1 company incorporation certificate Certificate of Incorporation (sample); 
2 business registration certificate Business Registration Certificate (sample); 
3.20 Articles of Association; 
4 company stamp; 
5 Companies signature printed; 
6.20 shares of stock the book; 
7 a legal record book; 
8 copies of documents and other government deposit cross block, for example, a notice of the appointment of the first director, agreed to serve as a director and registered address notices and other notices. 
Q: I will be able to change the company name? 
A: Yes, you can always change the company's name. But, as the new registered company, the name of the intended use is also subject to search, if not the same, you can submit the documents to the Registrar of Companies to change the name. Change the name of the fee is HK $ 3800 (according to the latest government gazette, whichever), about five days when required, after the success, you can receive a certificate issued by renaming the Registrar of Companies. 
Q: I can change the registered capital after it? 
A: Yes, but generally only to increase capital, reduce capital more trouble. You can always increase the authorized share capital, but every time you increase the authorized share capital of HK $ 1,000, the government will have to pay the cost of HK $ 1. For example, every time you increase the authorized share capital of one million, the government will need to pay the cost of HK $ 1,000. After the increase in authorized share capital, you can according to need, the placing shares to new or old shareholders. 
Q: What is the cost of buying a shell company include? 
A: The existing Hong Kong Limited charges include: company registration fees, business registration fee, the company kit (stamp, signature atomic chapter, stocks, Articles 20 and minutes of meetings thin), the transfer of founder shares, to appoint two directors and a the secretary to submit registration documents, furnish certified copies of documents. 
Q: Will there be other hidden costs? 
A: The fee is included in the Company may make Ltd. started operation (not including bank accounts) of all costs, no hidden fees. But does not include the cost of delivery documents. 
Q: The purchase of a shell company, the number of directors may appoint? 
A: All companies need to appoint at least one director. Company does not limit the number of directors. 
Q: buy ready Co., the number of shares that may be issued? 
A: The default shell company shares issued two shares that each shareholder to receive one, which means you can re-issue 9998 shares. For additional shares to more than $ 1,282 (HK $ 10000), the Company may on his behalf, charging $ 25 for each shareholder. Such as the selection of the company secretarial service plan, no additional fees.

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