Hong Kong Company Share Transfer

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Hong Kong Company Share Transfer is one of xincheng's business follow-up services for China expats and overseas investors.


Hong Kong Company Share Transfer-Documents Needed
In order to enable us to prepare the documents for transfer of shares, we need to have the following information and documents:
(1) A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the subject company
(2) The latest Register of Members
(3) The amount of shares to be transferred and the value of consideration
(4) The name of the seller (Transferor)
(5) A copy of the passport or identity card and residential address of the new shareholder (transferee)
(6) A copy of the latest audited financial statements (and/or latest management accounts)


Hong Kong Company Share Transfer-General Process
(1) Client provides the information and documents required for the transfer: client schedule
(2) Kaizen prepares the Instrument of Transfer and Bought and Sold Note and minutes and other transfer documents: 1 day
(3) Kaizen then arranges the transferor and transferee to sign the transfer documents: client schedule
(4) Kaizen delivers the transfer documents together with the supporting documents to the Stamp Duty Office for execution and payment of stamp duty: 1 day
(5) Kaizen then prepares new share certificates and update the Register of Members and deliver the who set documents to client.


Hong Kong Company Share Transfer-Time Needed
The transfer of share could be completed in 3-5 days, depending on the schedule of the client.


Hong Kong Company Share Transfer-xincheng Services
(1) Review Articles of Memorandum and Association of the subject company and the Register of Members
(2) Prepare Minutes of Directors?Meeting and Share Transfer Instrument and Bought and Sold Note
(3) Arrange to have the Transfer Instrument and Bought and Sold Note executed and stamped by the Hong Kong Stamp Duty Office and payment of Stamp Duty
(4) Arrange to cancel the old share certificate held the existing shareholder and issue new share certificate to the new shareholder (and existing shareholder)
(5) Update the Register of Members
(6) Delivery of new share certificate and stamped instrument of transfer and bought and sold note.


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