Lawyer Notary

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We have established with a number of law firms in Hong Kong, the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions, a partnership, forming a nationwide service network radiating world of legal services, providing clients worldwide 24 hours of professional services and technical support. Should the needs of customers, the company is to offer the following services: including Hong Kong, Panama, British Virgin Islands, Niue, Seychelles, Bahamas, Samoa, and other international notary services. 

Certificate notarized documents 
     (Commissioned by both Chinese notary) issued by the Hong Kong lawyers and affix seal of transmitting the People's Republic of China Ministry of Justice notarial documents 
Notary Class: 
Company registration information to prove 
Unlimited company information to prove 
Proof of the Board of Directors resolution 
(By the China-Appointed Attesting Officer / Law Firm translation) certificate "in the foreign language translations consistent proof" 

Lawyer Notary procedures: 
1), the information must be provided to be notarized original and the company has to prove the original valid identity. 
2) to provide notary purposes, notary place of use, and I signed, "the company notarized agreement." 
3), a lump sum notary fees ¥ 6280.00 yuan. 
4), I related formalities, signed by "notarized agreement", about 7-9 days to complete all the formalities.
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