Hong Kong Trademark Registration

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Hong Kong Trademark Registration is one of xincheng's intellectual property services.


Hong Kong Trademark Registration-Advantages
1) Registration ensures that you can safely use your trademark without worrying about any unintentional infringement on third party's trademark.
2) Trademark certificate is the best proof of your claim on the mark.
3) Registration enables lawful use of ® next to your trademark.
4) Registration blocks other people from registering an identical mark on your specified goods.
5) Registration gives you a good ground to oppose any attempt by your competitors to register a confusingly similar mark.
6) Registration empowers you to take legal action against counterfeiters.
7) Registered trademark is a corporate asset which is useful when making valuation of your company in M&A or IPO situations.
8) Registration in an important city and trading centre like Hong Kong is essential for export or global marketing plans.


Hong Kong Trademark Registration-The Right of Priority
An applicant may enjoy the right of priority on trademark registration in Hong Kong if he/she has filed an application for trademark registration for the same goods or service with a state party to Paris Convention or a WTO member state within six months before filing such application for trademark registration in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Trademark Registration-Important information to consider  before Filing an Application
Is the trademark distinctive (Distinctiveness: The trademark clearly sets the applicant’s goods and services apart from those of other traders)
Does the trademark show the distinctiveness of the applicant’s goods and services
Is the trademark a well known term in that line of business
Is the trademark the same or similar to other people’s trademarks


Hong Kong Trademark Registration-Required Documents
1. Copy of current Business Registration Certificate of the applicant, if the applicant is a corporation
2. Copy of Identification documents of the applicant, if the applicant is an individual person
3. Clear image of the trademark
4. List of goods or services


Hong Kong Trademark Registration-Preliminary Trademark Search
The Preliminary trademark search, while optional, to avoid legal complications in the future. The point of a trademark search is to ensure that the trademark is not already under application or registered by another entity in order to reduce the possibilities of the rejection or opposition raised.


Hong Kong Trademark Registration-Basic Procedure
1. Trademark Search
2. Initial Application
3. Substantive Examination
4. Publication
5. Issuance of Certificate


Hong Kong Trademark Registration-Required Time
The time of Hong Kong trademark registration is about 6 to 8 months.


Hong Kong Trademark Registration-Period of Validity
Six months before the expiration of an application for renewal, renewal is valid for 10 years


Hong Kong Trademark Registration-Renewal upon Expiration
Renewable for another 10 years upon expiration of the Hong Kong trademark registration


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