Hong Kong Radio Dealers Licence Application

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Hong Kong company registration, if you want in the course of trade or business, can be used to operate any radio communication equipment, materials or any component thereof ﹝ hereinafter referred to as the "Licensed Apparatus" ﹞, providers need to obtain a radio license ﹝ deregulation ﹞. However, the above provisions shall not apply been exempted from licensing of radio apparatus, such as co-sized indoor wireless phones, mobile phones, walkie-talkies and other excursions. In addition, the licensee is also permitted to import and export radio transmitting apparatus. 
          Hong Kong Radio Dealers Licence Application Notes: 
            1, the eligibility criteria: 
                  Hong Kong Limited shall provide the following information: a copy of a valid certificate of registration A. B. Company Business Registration Certificate 
            2, Application deadline: Hong Kong radio dealers license is valid for one year. 
            3, Application Fee: The application fee is RMB2500 yuan, a year after the application before the expiry date of a month, to pay the renewal fee, renewal time of year, the renewal fee RMB2500 yuan. 
Hong Kong Radio Dealers Licence Application
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