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The importance of bank accounts 
A company must meet before they can operate effectively bank account, bank account if the company does not, how can receive payment of cash credit to customers, how to open a letter of credit purchases, holding a lot of time and how to deal with cash flow? 
So can open a bank account is one of the conditions that must be considered when determining registration of a company, to help our customers in Hong Kong and open a company bank account. With appropriate tax arrangements for customers to save a large sum of tax expenditures. Can internationally renowned, recognized, reputable bank to open an account in Hong Kong can strengthen confidence and trust in other people for your company. 
Account opening procedures are very simple, to the local Hong Kong banks to open branches in the Mainland offshore accounts. At the same time, or two directors personally come to Hong Kong to complete and sign the application form, about 7 working days to complete. 

Bank account opening procedures and benefits 
After successful registration company, the company may open local bank accounts in Hong Kong or the mainland foreign banks to open an offshore account. 

Hong Kong banks to open a local account: 
After successful registration company directors to shareholders holding their identity cards or passports, exit permits and take the necessary corporate documents (registration certificate, business registration certificate, D3, D1, R1 file), the signature section, the company informed me two days in advance booking Bank account Manager, accompanied by a bank to open an account and related procedures, account shall be stored for the activation of the company's account in early 2000 Hong Kong dollars deposit fee (early deposit fee from the bank account into the company, the account can be used to open early deposit fee), I received account service fee ¥ 680.00 yuan. This can save you more time and ensure a successful opening. 

Hong Kong banks to open an account What are the advantages 
1) Simple, 
2) have online banking, you can request a check book, 
3) You can apply for an ATM card, the free cash withdrawals. 
4) You can open letters of credit. 

Domestic foreign banks to open offshore accounts: 
1) I provide all foreign banks have extensive experience in customer contact manager, the customer's own account an appointment. 
2) Or to save time and accelerate the speed of the account, I can also make an appointment in advance notice and accompanied account. (Search fees paid by customers). 
Director Shareholders holding their identity card or passport, and bring the necessary corporate documents (registration certificate, business registration certificate, D3, D1, R1 file), the signature chapter, to open a bank account can be. 
Note: The domestic foreign banks to open offshore accounts, Bank is not the same, saving money is not the same. 

Domestic bank to open an account What are the advantages? 
1) Simple, do not always run in Hong Kong, particularly the credit business should operate in the local banking more convenient; 
2) operating business is not required to open an account in the country returns to the local government and fight any tax.; 
3) Direct foreign banks in the country can withdraw cash (currently only in the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited company accounts can mention the cash). 

Hong Kong Personal accounts can send money to domestic offshore company account? 
Hong Kong banks can send money to a personal account of domestic offshore company accounts. Hong Kong banks need to charge a fee, as to how much each bank is different, the general fee is ¥ 80-100 yuan each. 

How to open an individual foreign currency accounts in Hong Kong? 
Just take account of people's identity, provide proof of address (utility bill has my name or phone bill) can be. 

Personal remittances domestic foreign currency accounts, which take existing restrictions? 
Individual foreign currency accounts are not out frequently, if you want money, or the best in the company's operations in the household; If you want to take now, not more than ten thousand dollars or its equivalent in other foreign currencies every day, not more than 50 thousand dollars a month or the equivalent foreign currencies. 

Letter of credit 
LC (Letter of Credit) is an open bank, promised a written document with the conditions of payment, the bank according to the importer (openers) request, open to the exporter (beneficiary) a guarantee of payment vouchers, as long as the beneficiaries in accordance with the provisions of the contents of the letter of credit to load the goods out and submit specified documents to the importer, the bank will pay them immediately, because the credit belongs to bank credit, the banks credit the first payer. 
How to open letters of credit: the company has opened a bank account and business operations over a period of time (depending how long Depending on each bank, the banks need to see banks in the transaction log is good), if the company is operating a good account words, and there in the company of 100% margin account, the bank can open letters of credit equivalent amount. 

Credit advantages: 
A letter of credit is a double guarantee, can reduce the risk of receivables exporters, but also to reduce the importer is not receiving the first payment or payment with credit risk cargo Ming inconsistent. 
2, if the registered companies (importers) to the letter of credit payment, must ask its bankers to open letters of credit. Therefore, the bank account must be held before it can open L / C accounts to credit purchases. 

Credit is suitable for use in the following persons: 
1, would like to join the import and export trade 
2, to reduce the risk in international trade 
3, want to shipping schedules and documents imported goods receipts have greater constraints 

How to Apply for Hong Kong companies a credit card? 
Companies need to set up more than two years, to provide business registration certificate, company accounts, annual returns, financial statements for two years, the last six months bank statement transactions, the company articles of association, the directors resolved records. 

HSBC Bank Account 
After the completion of the Hong Kong company for the next job is to open a bank account, the Hong Kong government does not require companies to open a bank account, companies can decide whether to open a bank account according to their actual situation. Roche Hong Kong Accounting line will endeavor to help customers to open bank accounts. 
Local accounts and offshore accounts: For enterprises, local account refers to a local bank in Hong Kong enterprises to open the door; offshore account means that Hong Kong enterprises in the areas outside the bank accounts opened, for example, Hong Kong enterprise in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Malaysia, the United States accounts opened, called offshore accounts. 

HSBC HSBC account in Hong Kong and the domestic situation: 
Bank account the same point: 
Bank account information: Director of identification documents (passport or current permit) original / original original business registration certificate / registration original certificate / Prospectus of the Company (English) / company seal / Meeting original recording / accountant signed account opening documents 
Signature Bank directors visit: Whether domestic or offshore account in Hong Kong account, the bank in order to protect the interests of shareholders, all directors are required to visit the bank signature, so when you register, Roche Hong Kong Accounting line will remind the customer must pay attention about the company director Are able to visit the bank and its shareholders signature. 
Different banks points: 
Domestic offshore account can not be deposited by the portal restricted cash; offshore accounts is limited only check out the city to use. 

The following is a comparison with HSBC Hong Kong HSBC account national circumstances: 
HSBC Hong Kong HSBC China 
Important bring along a full registration information, proof of residence directors, directors with ID card, passport or passport, before Opening Day first appointment, Roche can help Hong Kong Accounting row by row properly, allowing online bank financing. Shenzhen HSBC account conditions in Hong Kong, HSBC is the line to be opened more than a year to go to Shenzhen HSBC to open foreign currency accounts. 
Activation Fee inquiries 100 Hong Kong dollars; opening consolidated accounts 2000 Hong Kong dollars, HSBC Hong Kong to accept the check does not accept cash. Query Fee: 200 yuan 
Import costs HKD50 / import $ 6.6 pen / pen 
Export fee HKD150-200 / T export remittance amount by 1 ‰ +15 dollars postal fees. 
Do not need to raise cash charge for cash withdrawals mention HK cash receipts: 1.5 / ‰, 2.5 ‰ dollars 
Credit care charges 1, HKD260 / T; 2, telegram fee HKD200 (according to whether the charges occurred) 
BVI company BVI company provides business account business plan, established BVI company data does not open 
U.S. companies account card account holders, the company full set of data (box), and the data verified by an accountant (COPY stamp), at least two directors to the line, the line of shareholders representing more than 10% deposit to open an account at the beginning HKD2000, a few days advance booking monthly fee $ 40, no charge for deposits over $ 1 million. Not open 
UK ID card account account holders, the company full set of data (box), and the data verified by an accountant (COPY stamp), at least two directors to the line, shareholders representing more than 10% to the line, opening early deposit HKD2000, a few days advance booking monthly fee $ 40, no charge for deposits over $ 1 million. Not open 
Bank management requires more than 50,000 / month deducted 40 Hong Kong dollars / month 50,000 or less / month deducted 80 Hong Kong dollars / month more than 1 million daily without deduction of management fees of $ 200, a three-month deduction of management fees, 165 yuan / times

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